Monday, September 4, 2017

Comparison of punctual measured snow heights with areal snow height values derived from UAV-based aerial photography

Suggested by: Sebastian d’Oleire-Oltmanns

Short description: The focus of this master thesis is to evaluate the accuracy and precision of snow heights derived from UAV-based aerial photography compared to punctual snow height measurements. Motivation is that knowledge about snow water equivalent (SWE) is of interest for many different contexts. Interpolation of punctual measured snow data is still a challenging task. For this thesis the context will be within the spatial context of the Landscape Lab in Koppl. Thesis work will be carried out in cooperation with the working group of Hermann Klug.
The objective of this topic may be characterized by the following points and questions (non-exhaustive list):

  • Which data is required for a comprehensive interpolation? 
  • What properties of the snow surface do enable/limit the processing of acquired aerial photographs? 
  • To which areal extent may a reliable interpolation be carried out? 
  • What is a reasonable per-pixel resolution for the terrain data derived from the UAV-based imagery? 
  • Which measured data is mostly affecting the interpolation results?
References/Suggested reading
  • Overview Landscape Sensors available online 
  • Aber, J. S., Marzolff, I. & Ries, J. B. (2010): Small Format Aerial Photography: Principles, techniques and geoscience applications. Amsterdam et al. (Elsevier), 256 p. ISBN: 978-0-444-53260-2.
Start: anytime (data acquisition has to be considered for snow mapping!)

Prerequsites/qualification: interest in the analysis of UAV-based imagery, interpolation of data, analysis of environmental context 

Add’l remarks: For any questions feel free to contact me directly via Email.

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