Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Investigation of weather and bicycle counting data

Suggested by: Martin Loidl, Bernhard Zagel

Short description: Bicyclists are more exposed to temperature, precipitation and wind than public transport passengers or car drivers. Thus, we can hypothesize that weather and seasonal effects impact the number of bicyclists. In a previous study we investigated the attitude of bicyclists toward winter cycling (see for a report in German language). We are now interested in the spatial, temporal and spatio-temporal correlations between weather and bicycle counting data. Moreover, causalities that explain potential correlations should be investigated through surveys and/or qualitative research.
We can provide data from permanent counting stations in Salzburg in close to real-time and weather data in very high resolution. Alternatively, available data from other cities can be used as wel. The master thesis project is aimed to be integrated in the research efforts of the GI Mobility Lab.

References, suggested reading:
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Related to project: Bicycle Observatory (

Start/finish by: Anytime

Prerequisites/qualifications: Profound skills in data management and processing. Statistical knowledge.

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