Wednesday, November 15, 2017

MSc: Knowledge-based dwelling detection and categorisation

Suggested by: Stefan Lang, Petra Füreder, Dirk Tiede


The aim of the EO4HumEn+ project is to develop and demonstrate innovative applications for satellite image interpretation and GIS to meet the diverse information needs of the humanitarian community. In particular, we develop methods to monitor the population dynamics in urban settlements during crisis situations, improve the analysis capabilities of the large amounts of freely available Earth Observation data by implementing partly automated routines, in particular for estimating affected population in crisis situations.

Short description
In nearly daily routines, we provide dwelling counts or estimates based on a combination manual interpretation and automated routines. Based on an existing dwelling/building typology with spectral and structural parameters, the thesis aims at developing a knowledge-based delineation and categorization routine in an object-based classification environment (eCognition).

Project context
EO4HumEn+ (Extended EO-based Services for Dynamic Information needs in Humanitarian Action)

User organisation(s)
Médicins Sans Frontières (MSF), and other NGOs active in the humanitarian domain

any time

Prerequisites / qualification
Keen to collaborate in the GeoHumanitarian Action team at Z_GIS, passionate in using geospatial technologies forthe humanitarian domain, Advanced Remote Sensing course.

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